Pregnant women must ensure that they consume sufficient diversity of nutrients. All of Eqology’s products are defined as foods – that contribute to keeping the body healthy.

None of our products contain ingredients at levels, which should cause concern during pregnancy or while trying to get pregnant. However, there is a golden rule that we ask patients, pregnant women and individuals with special dietary need to consult with their physician before using supplements.

This rule applies also to pregnant and breastfeeding women in general- despite the fact that our products do not have any special warnings for this group of women.

E.g. essential oils that some women choose to avoid entirely during pregnancy. If you have any concerns at all we advise you to consult your doctor or pharmacist and show them the ingredient list before using the product. Our ingredients lists are available on our website. (Just select the product you are interested in and you’ll see a tab to click on for the ingredient listing).