Order Types

What are the order options/types available?
AUTO ORDER: An auto order is a monthly shipment option, where you have the flexibility to choose whenever you want your orders delivered. ADDITIONAL...
Pá, 10 Únor, 2017 v 5:20 ODPOLEDNE
What are the advantages of choosing an auto order?
Choosing an auto order has several advantages: reduced prices on all products, access to monthly and seasonal offers and discounts, and EQ magazine which in...
Pá, 10 Únor, 2017 v 5:37 ODPOLEDNE
What is an additional order?
These are the products you want in addition to your monthly auto order, but sent only once. The products will be shipped together with your auto order, so y...
Pá, 10 Únor, 2017 v 5:40 ODPOLEDNE
What is an extra order?
This is an order that will be sent separately and in addition to your monthly auto order. Shipping and handling fees will be added to this order.
Pá, 10 Únor, 2017 v 5:44 ODPOLEDNE
Why choose a subscription with a fixed period?
To gain the best effect, you should use the products for a minimum of 3 – 4 months. Therefore we offer subscriptions with fixed periods so as to be able t...
Pá, 10 Únor, 2017 v 5:49 ODPOLEDNE
Can I freeze an auto order or terminate a subscription?
You can always choose to freeze your auto order or unsubscribe completely. Should this be the case, please contact customer support by e-mail at support@eqo...
Pá, 10 Únor, 2017 v 6:02 ODPOLEDNE
Can I purchase products without subscribing?
If you do not want a monthly auto order, you may choose to buy single products at any time at a slightly higher price (10% more). Select “single purchase”...
Pá, 10 Únor, 2017 v 6:06 ODPOLEDNE