The rules for what can be labelled as organic differs from country to country, and this makes it complicated for those of us operating throughout Europe.

There is no guarantee that organic products are natural and pure: a product may contain a lot of “non-organic” ingredients but still be defined as organic as long as the organic portion is high enough.

Our goal is to have as natural and pure products as possible, without compromising functionality and effect, at an affordable user price.

This is why we have chosen not to emphasize our organic products in our marketing mix. It is difficult to get organic/ecological status on the entire product portfolio. Some of our products are organic without being marketed as organic, but we cannot at this time guarantee that they will remain organic forever.

This is due to supply and quality of the raw materials at any given time. Some products will never become organic, such as a product with a high proportion of water – since water cannot be labelled as organic.