EQ Omega-3 Test Kit

Where can I see the results of my test?
Go to omegaratiotest.com and register your EQ Omega-3 Test Kit ID number to access your results.
St, 15 Únor, 2017 v 7:38 ODPOLEDNE
How does the blood test work?
With the help of a simple home blood test you will quickly get an answer to your omega-6 and omega-3 ratio. You can then find your results on omegaratiotest...
St, 15 Únor, 2017 v 7:41 ODPOLEDNE
Is it necessary to fast before taking the test?
No, fasting is not necessary.
St, 15 Únor, 2017 v 7:45 ODPOLEDNE
In the accompanying leaflet it says the blood sample must be sent in the same day or the next at the latest. I live far away, is there a risk that this can affect the analysis?
The sample will keep in room temperature at least 7 days. If you live far away, it might be a good idea to not send the test just before a weekend or nation...
St, 15 Únor, 2017 v 7:48 ODPOLEDNE
Can the analysis be affected if I am a vegetarian, pregnant, breast-feeding, dieting, have diabetes or an illness/cancer – and can the use of EQ Pure Arctic Oil help if you already have cancer, weak immune system and have inflammation react
It is not harmful to determine one’s Omega-6/Omega-3 ratio. If you have an illness that is being medically treated, the test results should be discussed w...
St, 15 Únor, 2017 v 7:52 ODPOLEDNE
Can my diet or illness the last few days before taking the test affect the results?
Not to any significant degree.
St, 15 Únor, 2017 v 7:55 ODPOLEDNE
Are there other factors I should take into account that can affect the results of the test?
Not to any significant degree.
St, 15 Únor, 2017 v 7:58 ODPOLEDNE
Is it dangerous to handle other people’s blood tests when bearing in mind different blood diseases?
We recommend that you collect your own blood sample yourself, and that you avoid collecting the sample from others.
St, 15 Únor, 2017 v 8:01 ODPOLEDNE
Is the test kit sealed?
Yes, the lancets that are used to prick your finger are sealed.
St, 15 Únor, 2017 v 8:05 ODPOLEDNE
What is the privacy policy around my results and are they securely stored?
The results are entirely handled by our analysis partner Vitas AS. Only the person who was tested and certified personell at the Vitas laboratory have acces...
St, 15 Únor, 2017 v 8:09 ODPOLEDNE